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Sanitaryware Independent Product Design

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One-Piece ULF Toilet

Vanity Basin

(Integral Ergonomic Seat)

Pedestal Basin

(Additions to original product line)

One-Piece ULF Toilet

Two-Person Corner Whirlpool
(fully ergonomic design)


Two-Piece ULF Toilet

Cantilevered/Countertop Basin

Two-Person Standalone Whirlpool
(fully ergonomic design)

5D Infusion offers sanitaryware independent product design services to plumbing fixture manufacturers who want to give a boost to their in-house product development resources in order to accelerate their efforts to:

  • launch a wider range of exciting and innovative new products in any of the sanitaryware manufacturing processes (i.e. hollow and solid slip-casting, pressure casting, vacuum-forming, metal stamping, etc.)
  • streamlining new product development time to market by refining the product design development engineering and prototyping procedures and/or by introducing 3D CAD/CAM technologies
  • introduce new toilet flushing systems and/or increase existing toilet performance and/or reduce toilet leakage potential
  • lower manufacturing costs by increasing productivity per man, as well as increasing the N.G.G.C. (Net Good to Gross Cast)

Please feel free to use the 5D Contact Info to reach me directly and discuss how my company can provide a '5D' infusion of our highly specialized expertise to help you to maximize the effectiveness of your sanitaryware design projects.


Dave Berge (B.I.D.)

Sanitaryware / Water Closet Design
(also see
Product Design Expertise)

  • Independent product design and new product concept development for any type of sanitaryware product
  • Streamline new product development time to market by 25% to 75% for all manufacturing processes
  • 5D Infusion has highly specialized ULF Toilet Design expertise that allows us to develop high toilet performance models in any ULF toilet technology or configuration:
    • Toilet Technology
      • Gravity
      • Vacuum-Assist
      • Pressurized
    • Flushing Action
      • Siphonic
      • Blow-Out
      • Washdown
    • Configurations
      • Floor Mount Toilets
        • Floor Outlet
        • Back Outlet
      • Wall Mount Toilets
        • Floor Outlet
        • Back Outlet
      • Etc.
  • 5D Infusion also has a very broad range of sanitaryware design expertise that includes any type of plumbing products:
    • ULF Urinal Designs
    • Whirlpool and Bathtub Designs
    • Kitchen Sink Designs
    • Vanity or Pedestal Basin Designs
    • Bidet Designs
    • Etc.

Independent Product Design and Analysis
(also see Independent
Product Design Expertise)

  • Thorough Independent Product Design and Analysis before beginning New Product Concept Development
  • Definition of criteria and objectives to design and innovate for value for all customer levels from the perspectives of:
    • Marketing
    • Manufacturing
    • Human Factors in Ergonomics
    • Codes and Standards (i.e. Plumbing Standards, etc.)

Product Design/Productivity Improvement
(also see Independent Product Design Expertise)

  • review and update existing products from a fresh independent product design perspective
  • Increase the manufacturing productivity through design modifications

Toilet Performance Engineering
(also see ULF Performance Expertise)

  • Flush Performance and Consistency Improvements on any existing type of ULF toilet flushing problems or toilet leakage
  • Develop new high-performance ULF Toilet & Urinal Designs for any configuration or toilet flushing systems
  • World-Wide Specialist in Vacuum-Assist ULF Technology
  • Testing Facilites to provide unbiased water conservation facts based on toilet performance evaluations, and to assist on-going Product Development & Research Programs

3D CAD/CAM Design & Tooling
(also see
3D CAD Design Services)

  • Produce Full-Scale Functioning "Rapid Prototypes" directly from the 3D computer data
  • Accelerate all phases of the Ceramic Product Development Cycle using 5D Infusion’s unique application of world-class 3D CAD/CAM Technologies to the Traditional Ceramic Manufacturing Processes

Plumbing Standards Development
(also see Plumbing Standards Expertise)

  • Represent your interests to increase the North American Plumbing Standards for ULFT toilet performance and water conservation
  • Provide continuous feedback on current and proposed plumbing standards developments


Dave Berge (B.I.D.)



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5D Infusion Canada Inc.   1651 Bellerive     St-Jean-sur-Richelieu (Montreal)    Quebec     CANADA     J2X 2X9     450 346 6339